Revolutionalise the way people buy and sell.

Ezy Bid is Australia's first AI-powered real estate transaction platform built for real estate agents. It was built by a team of professionals who are experienced in different types of sales. Knowing the pros and cons of the traditional transaction process, the team has built advanced tools for agents to accomplish transactions in a more skilled and efficient way. 

The latest progress in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation is the backbone of our proprietary transaction tools. Compared with the traditional transaction process, not only do these tools enhance agents' capability to make precise decisions and to better manage sales campaigns, but also give agents the digital power that they never have. 

Build powerful tools for agents.

Selling properties for vendors can be stressful. Ezy Bid is committed to providing powerful tools that enhance real estate agents' ability to sell well. 

From property marketing, buyer engagement, negotiation, online auction to signing the contract, Ezy Bid's toolset covers the whole sales cycle. These tools are simple to use, automated and intelligent. They greatly improve agents' productivity and enhance the quality of service for their clients.

Become a partner.

We improve our tools and services for the industry by forming strategic partnership with our clients. We prioritise clients' needs and develop innovative digital solutions accordingly. This therefore improves our clients' capability to provide better service as well as their productivity. To initiate a partnership, please contact us.