Revolutionise transactions with AI.

Ezy Bid is Australia’s first AI-powered transaction platform built for individual customers. It was built by a team of professionals who are experienced in managing different types of transactions. Knowing the pros and cons of the traditional transaction process, the team has built advanced tools to improve transaction efficiency and customer experience. 

The latest progress in artificial intelligence and robotic process automation is the backbone of our proprietary transaction tools. Compared with the traditional transaction process, these tools empower each customer to make precise critical transaction decisions and complete a transaction with ease.  

It is our mission to revolutionise the way customers buy and sell. Contact us if you share the same vision.

Your critical decisions are based on data and analysis.

Making good decisions during a transaction process requires resource, and it can be stressful. Our tools combine the best knowledge in the industry and ample data to provide accurate, live and objective advice for each step of the process that you can trust. Our market insights provides exciting trends, knowledge and ideas discovered in the marketplace.

Transparent, fair and secure.

Ezy Bid adopts well-accepted transaction strategies. The transaction process is straightforward and transparent. Sellers are encouraged to provide as much information as possible for their transactions. Buyers are given equal opportunity in the whole process.  Users are verified real people. Keeping transactions safe, fun and secure is our priority, and we are always here to help. 

Enjoyable buying and selling.

Buying and selling on Ezy Bid are straightforward. The user interface has been designed as simple as possible. It provides a live communication channel to send important messages to users. The live analysis is delivered to users through this channel in real-time to assist decision-making. 

Ezy Bid also endeavours to make transactions easy by adopting process automation solutions. Paperwork is done by a few clicks. It saves time and reduces human errors.  

Ezy Bid is committed to provide you with an enjoyable buying and selling experience.

What transactions does Ezy Bid specialise in?

Ezy Bid is designed to transact goods with indefinite values, such as artworks, antiques, used cars and properties. Every good is special one-of-a-kind. Our transaction technologies make sure that the price reflects the value of a good. 

Thinking of selling something that you are not sure about its value? Contact Ezy Bid for solutions.

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