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How to prepare your property for sale in a matter...

When the decision to sell is made, most property sellers would like to get the property on the market within 4-8 weeks. It means they only have a few weeks to prepare the property for photography and then buyer inspections.  Preparing a property for sale can be an intensive project. There can be many tasks…

One of many examples that owners can sell well.

Mr Ryder’s story is only one of the thousands of examples each year. The reason for his success is that he has adopted the right process to sell. He has improved the presentation, produced genuine marketing content, chose the right timing to go on the market and interacted with buyers well.

Selling property without an agent.

Due to the advance of technology, Ezy Bid has successfully developed tools using artificial intelligence and IT technology to tackle those critical tasks. These tools outperform human in lots of aspects. Combined with our offline support, Ezy Bid gives property owners the power to sell their home well.